It’s easy to assume that the massage therapist is the professional and they know best. Of course this is true when it comes to understanding the build of a body, how to manipulate muscles so circulation is improved and waste products are released and removed from your system. But the fact remains that this is your body being manipulated, and it’s important to communicate what you feel with your massage therapist.

Enjoying Your Massage

First and foremost, you should enjoy the massage you get from a Oklahoma City massage therapist. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any pain at all, but you shouldn’t be suffering throughout a massage. Persuading your muscles to relax is a big part of massage therapy, and if you’re in too much pain you’ll only tense up more. Talk to your massage therapist about pain you feel and work together to find a balance that is beneficial.

Preventing a Bad Experience

Sometimes people end up having a bad experience with a massage therapist because they don’t speak up about pain, discomfort, or past injuries. One example is the client who was injured and things that if the painful muscles are massaged they will improve. But the fact is that the type of injury is extremely important to whether or not it should be massaged at all. Certain injuries can be worsened by massage, and if a massage therapist doesn’t know about the injury they may inadvertently do you harm.

Getting the Most From Each Massage

What you really want to do is walk away from each massage feeling relaxed, good, a little tired, and with a smile on your face. The best work is done when massage therapist and client work together to ensure that the experience is a positive one and that you can relax and trust your massage therapist to do their best for you.